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From educating and training counter threat finance analysts or investigators, leadership, or organizational compliance efforts, to advising on strategy and policy and/or building your threat finance program, our team of subject matter experts, are life long practitioners of threat finance strategy, analysis, investigation, and education. Their highly lauded instruction has been credited with helping to close millions of dollars of cases over the past four years and their students have returned from training to re-open and solve cold cases. Our framework and proven methodology can be tailored to the counter threat finance and compliance needs of your entire organization creating a synergy of purpose and capacity that produces results.

If you are building your counter-threat finance and illicit network operations, we can help you identify common elements and indicators of illicit behavior (such as money laundering), and if warranted we can help you develop the business battle plan to mitigate the behavior as the illicit networks raise, move, store, and use the revenues created. Successful disruption of the illicit network, the lifeblood, of the organization can greatly enhance the impact against the illicit organization it supports.

As your operations expand to meet growing demands, we scale our assistance to provide ongoing performance support that addresses difficult cases or analytic challenges. Our goal is to provide the value added support your established operations need through tailored approaches, investigatory assistance, or analytic expertise.

When you are ready to develop the organic capability to address illicit network challenges in your environment, our highly experienced instructors develop and deliver world‐class education and performance support tools tailored to your needs. Our learning team will provide a full set of community recognized CTF curriculum at introductory and advanced levels, as well as compliance and leadership awareness CTF training for your organization. We can also work with you to develop and/or deliver a high-quality, tailored curriculum designed to form a deep understanding of illicit networks and threat finance topics and issues as they apply to your needs.

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