The world of earth observation is changing dynamically, whether in the increased number of space-faring nations or the explosive growth in a larger geospatial ecosystem with multiple sensors and analytic capabilities. These changes will increasingly require specialized partnerships among governments, between government and industry, and among vertical and horizontal industry partners. Environmental, safety, scientific and security issues are driving change on both ends of the supply and demand equation for geospatial data.

At IAT, we believe that multi-sensor approaches, creative market strategies, and integrated solutions are crucial to the successful growth of the earth observation business. Geospatial data is increasingly recognized for its unique information value, whether per se or in combination with other technical information. We have broad experience in this field, including work within government, on advisory panels, in research institutions, and with many US and foreign government entities and commercial organizations. Our efforts draw on the extensive experience of our staff and our continuing work addressing these issues.

IAT’s strategic advice and analysis extend across a wide range of issues and technical capabilities, from those related to space-based capabilities to their potential convergence or coordination with similar capabilities (such as GPS, drones or airborne information) and the exquisite information services that they create on the ground. IAT focuses these efforts around three key areas: international law, policy, and regulation; economic and market issues; and applications and technologies.

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