We believe it is time to have a larger conversation about the opportunities and challenges of cyberspace in the 21st century. Despite so many advances in security and digital forensics, threats to networks escalate in both scale and scope. Cyber threats are no longer technical problems to be handled by the “IT people” locked in the basement. These days, when a major cyber event occurs, CEOs pay attention.

More and more, state actors use global networks to advance specific geopolitical agendas. Criminal syndicates seek corporate and personal information, and ideologically motivated hackers can strike without warning against major institutions. Positioning your organization for success within the global marketplace of ideas and content is more challenging than ever. For corporate and government decision makers today, one of the toughest challenges is knowing where to begin in thinking about cyber.

Cyberspace analysis is more than just a game of ones and zeroes; it requires a multidisciplinary approach including technical, behavioral, intelligence and law enforcement methodologies. Our approach focuses on helping organizations understand developments in cyberspace within the context of their own mission needs and requirements, and helping partners develop their own cyber strategies.

Our in-house staff has decades of experience in federal agency, private sector, and academic research and analysis. As always, our corporate focus is anticipating future threat environments before they materialize, rather than looking backwards at past or present ones.


  • Tailored research and analysis into cyber threat environments that directly impact your enterprise operations.
  • Political and economic analysis of high-profile cyber threat activities, and the potential consequences to your enterprise.
  • Strategic insight into the future of cyber technology through our close engagement with the cyber security research and development community.
  • Strategic analysis of the political and economic impacts of pending cyber legislation in major international markets; the impact on your bottom-line.