The cloud computing revolution has been underway for over a decade, and leading forecasters predict that its impact on our economy and society may rival that of the initial Internet revolution. IAT is at the forefront of rigorously understanding developments in the cloud services industry. Working with thought leaders nationwide, we work to understand cloud’s wide-ranging impacts on the emerging information economy.

IAT’s expertise in cloud builds on a solid foundation in the dynamics of global markets, and incorporates critical dependencies in law, education, infrastructure, and politics. Driven by successful engagements with leading service providers, adopters, and an emerging nationwide community of experts, IAT provides you the analysis and the insight you need to understanding how cloud can affect your organization.

Cloud is revolutionizing the private sector’s entire relationship with data as a commercial resource. Similarly, cloud will impact all manner of public policy in the years to come: from shaping tomorrow’s labor market, to our educational preparedness, to energy use and environmental policy. Beyond the U.S. context, we are working to understand the many dimensions of foreign policy, regulatory policy, business environment, and other factors that will drive or impede cloud adoption. Don’t be left out of the conversation.


  • Refine your cloud adoption strategy in light of our experience with global cloud providers and adopters.
  • Gain insight into public policy and regulatory environments that impact the growth of cloud markets at home and overseas.
  • Learn how cloud drives entirely new career paths in data analysis; similarly, how cloud is transforming higher education to meet the needs of the data-driven information economy.
  • Benefit from tailored insight into the growth of cloud computing in specific regions and economic sectors.

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