Our world is awash in data. This data abundance has created the false panacea of “big data.”  In order to be successful, businesses must shift through the data to find that which is operationally relevant. IAT’s analytic techniques have been developed through decades of hands-on experience helping our customers answer their toughest questions.

Anticipatory Analysis

Anticipation is an essential 21st century skill in business and national security; it improves decision making and resource management in the face of uncertainty.

Cyber Strategy & Analysis

Using multidisciplinary approaches like behavioral and technical methodologies to help you understand the developments in cyberspace.

Earth Observation Strategy & Analysis

Providing you with the right tools to observe geospatial changes day in and day out.

Data Science

With data constantly being generated, we help our clients connect valuable information with their operational goals.

Cloud Services Strategy & Analysis

Our work with cloud adopters and providers enables us to focus on the impacts of cloud technologies for governments, businesses, education and society.