Innovative Analytics & Training (IAT) is a professional services firm with its headquarters in Washington, DC and satellite offices in Maryland and Virginia. We combine the reach and sophistication of a large company with the agility and passion of a small organization. We work with a wide array of clients who seek help cutting through complexity.

Our most powerful weapon isn’t a single tool or a method – it’s our people. IAT hires employees based on their deep expertise, diverse backgrounds, and excellent analytic skills. We tap an international network of specialists who deliver clear, independent, objective assessments grounded in years of experience and observation. We know our way around data and how to unlock its power. We are the sources and methods company, and we are passionate about what we do.

Mission and Vision

IAT’s mission is to improve the quality of analysis; combining the best sources of information with the right methods of analysis to help clients answer their toughest questions.


IAT helps our clients solve their toughest questions by drawing on expertise from a wide variety of domains. Through our services, clients improve their understanding of the rapidly changing world around them as well as their internal operations, enabling them to better plan for and achieve success in key regions, markets, or environments. We help assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as they relate to our clients’ missions.

Clients who take advantage of our extensive experience and advanced analytic methods successfully develop data collection, information analysis, and decision-making processes. They are also able to utilize our proprietary validation methods and global network of data sources to enhance their independent research findings. Our highly specialized training and education for workplace analytics ensure development of organically sustainable processes.