In a world awash in data, where strategic decisions must be made in dynamic, high-stakes environments, Innovative Analytics & Training – The Sources and Methods Company – helps clients determine what matters and works with them to take action. We start with the problem you are trying to solve and then dig deeper to cut through the complexity. Sometimes you need to focus your question or reframe the problem with a new approach. Sometimes you need new and different kinds of data or expertise. Sometimes you need to make better sense of what you already have.

What sets Innovative Analytics apart from other analysis and management consulting firms? Our talent, our passion, and our success. We are passionate about linking questions to analytic methods and data, advancing new methods, and innovating for the purpose of creating solutions to our clients’ toughest problems. And we are successful because we understand your organization and the world in which you are operating.

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Our people are world-class problem-solvers – including security, intelligence, analytics, and program management insiders. We have the education, experience, insight, and access required to help you do the job: identifying relevant data and translating it into actionable information. Our perspectives are multidisciplinary and multimodal – qualifications essential to clear and critical thinking in a complex world. We have the expertise you need to understand issues that arise in the micro, cyber, global, and even orbital environments in which you operate. Our processes are tailored to your decision-making needs in every respect – from evaluating your own analytic processes, to providing analysis and analytics consulting services, to explaining the impact of new media on your operations, to delivering training activities targeted to your delivery and design needs.
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When you...

  • need to understand key factors in any decision and how they relate to your strategies and tactics.
  • are awash in data but can't seem to find the answers you need.
  • are faced with making critical decisions but your risk assessments are murky at best.
  • need fresh sources and new insights to move forward.
  • have a vision and need support to implement it.

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